Pokemon Go Players Save Lives of Overdose Victims

When Pokemon Go and Addiction Meet Face to Face


A group of of friends playing Pokemon Go in Cincinnati saved the lives of a couple who overdosed on drugs while driving their car down Martin Luther King Highway.  Although most stories circulating the media about the hugely popular smartphone app are of a negative slant because of their uncanny ability to distract and lead to negligence, here we have the opposite case – two people’s lives spared.  Hope still remains a necessary and critical aspect of our ongoing daily human existence here on Earth.

Pokemon Go Saves Overdose Victims

The friends were in the midst of scavenging for Pokemon, like most people in the country currently, before noticing a car in front of them hovering at speeds of barely 10 mph.  The group had figured the two were perhaps themselves in a heated search for Pokemon, distracted looking down before realizing they were slumped over and unconscious.  When they realized that the couple was in danger they acted heroically without hesitation.  

Deion Collier told media outlets that, “The car was just moving slow, as if they were trying to catch a Pokémon or something.” “When we drove past, at first it did look like they were both just looking down at their phones, and then we realized that they weren’t moving at all,” Kenneth Wright said.  

This brave and selfless act is the type of behavior we need to see more of in this current generation.  Despite engaging in the questionable trend that is Pokemon at least they were cognizant of their surroundings and not endangering lives.  The couple who reportedly overdosed bear all the markings of a classic heroin or opiate/opioid overdose.

Nodding out while driving in a car is something that sounds very much like the hallmarks of your standard heroin overdose.  Heroin addicts are often found getting high in their cars, but rarely driving them.  This is what happens when you discard that tried and true notion – you end up on the highway driving while unconscious within an inch of losing your life.  If it were not for the good samaritans there that decided to act boldly they would undoubtedly be dead.

Addiction and Pokemon Go Unite?

Aside from this feel good story, I know there is a place for Pokemon Go in the hallowed annals of recovery and treatment.  Many of my friends in the addiction community have used Pokemon Go as a means to navigate treatment successfully and keep their minds preoccupied with something other than drugs and using.  If a game can somehow contribute to saving lives from addiction then there must be a place reserved for it in the toolkit of rehab support centers.  

Addiction is not a game and if you or someone you know is struggling with a compulsive desire to drink, and, or do drugs then you must seek professional help immediately.  The longer you wait to intervene the more chance there is for tragedy to strike.  Decisive and bold action is often the difference between life and death when it comes to substance abuse issues.  Don’t be just another statistic in the death toll, get the help you or your loved one deserves!

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