Uber Installs Breathalyzer Kiosks in Mumbai

Uber and the Breathalyzer Movement

The popular driving app Uber has just installed breathalyzer stations strategically placed around various Mumbai night spots in order to reduce the amount of drunk driving incidents amongst its community.  This is an encouraging display of public outreach by the Mumbai division of Uber and should be applauded for their raising awareness.

Uber Breathalyzer

Uber collaborated together with the Mumbai Traffic Police to unleash the first ever Uber/Police sponsored breathalyzer campaign.  

“Through this campaign, we aim to build awareness against drunk-driving and give people a convenient and reliable ride back home,”Shailesh Salani, General Manager of Uber Mumbai told BuzzFeed in an interview to help promote the project. “We hope to work with the Mumbai Traffic Police to install these devices across all bars and pubs in the city.”

The Uber Breathalyzer technology is rather straightforward in itself.  Just like the popular models used by police and issued in court ordered DUI offender cases the person blows into the device and the BAC levels are measured to determine whether they fall into the allowable legal limit, and if they aren’t the technology will communicate with the Uber app to request a driver to safely transport them home.  One of the more attractive features associated with the device is that the person barely has to do anything on their part.  The Uber app knows the GPS coordinates even if the person themselves is so obliterated that they have no idea where they are even located.  Another incentive to take advantage of is that if you’re a newbie, who’s perhaps never used Uber before, the first ride is on the house as a means to generate good public relations.  

Breathometer and Uber: Marriage Made in Heaven

You might be reading this and thinking to yourself, well I don’t live in Mumbai how will I benefit from this new development?  You can still take advantage of the Uber app when out partying with friends and without the appointed designated driver.  Uber and drunk driving in many ways is the ideal partnership as they both seem to be uniquely tied to each other as a way of curbing accidental deaths.  The simplicity of the technology makes it virtually impossible and downright criminal to refuse using it when considering getting behind the wheel while impaired from drugs or alcohol.  Uber provides a safe outlet and vehicle, literally no pun intended, to combat the DUI epidemic.  

Uber and Breathometer aligned in 2015 to help prevent drunk driving by using Breathometer’s signature branded “Get Home Safe” option.  Breathometer is an app that works in conjunction with your smartphone capabilities to measure and determine your BAC levels before considering operating any kind of heavy machinery.  When the device detects any kind of intoxication outside of legally accepted levels it immediately requests a driver.  What makes this such an ideal option is the user-friendly accessibility and convenience of the platform.  

We are excited to see how this story plays itself out and whether more countries outside Mumbai get on board with the initiative.  This is a great example of when technology and human responsibility merge to create a better more productive world.  

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