Super Bowl PSA Ad Misses Mark

Super Bowl PSA Ad Misses Mark

Budweiser Uses Shame Tactic to Prevent Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a senseless, selfish and idiotic act that endangers the lives of innocent people but is guilt tripping the way to prevent this unfortunate social phenomenon?  We at Addiction Hopeline would like to think there is a more thoughtful and uplifting way to sway the opinions of consumers.  Surely demonizing and making them feel like morons is not the most effective course of action.

British actress Helen Mirren is featured here spouting all sorts of demeaning British slang and jargon with the intent to appeal to the consumer’s sense of guilt and shame regarding the subject of drunk driving.  Although clever in some respects the commercial treats the audience as unintelligent savages who are incapable of controlling their base and primal urges.  

Drunk driving doesn’t have to keep going on unchecked like this and is completely and utterly avoidable. In 2013 over 10,000 people died as a result of drunk driving according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Of that figure 10%, or 1000 were children and adolescents.  The most at risk people for drunk driving related deaths are the youth, motorcycle riders or repeated drunk driver offenders themselves, a clear indication that these people have a problem they are incapable of rectifying.  This hardly means that the rest of us are off the hook and not a potential casualty in the making.  All motorists need to be extra vigilant when taking to the road, you never know what maniac is out there on the loose.  

So what then do we propose you do to avoid this awful and inescapable fact of life?  The answer is simple get yourself a designated driver if you plan on getting wasted when going out for a night on the town.  Getting wasted by binge drinking is never a good idea, however if you’re going to do it you must take the necessary precautions no matter how inconvenient and overkill they may seem.  Nowadays it’s easier than ever to call and hop into an Uber no matter what your situation.  If Uber is not an option simply calling a cab can save you from a world of trouble and heartache and may save your life in the process.  There is no excuse to get into a car while under the influence, it is simply unacceptable and wantonly reckless.  

Many drunk drivers think they can outsmart the system and find themselves immune to tragedy apparently.  These people most likely suffer from the disease of alcoholism and use this fallacious reasoning to justify their erratic behavior.  This fact itself is sobering enough to make me never want to set foot out after midnight on the road.  My father told me nothing good ever happens after midnight and I’m just now starting to assent to this age old axiom.  For an alcoholic, saying no is not in their vocabulary and more drastic measures may need to be taken in order to ensure they don’t set foot in a vehicle whilst under the effects of alcohol or any drug for that matter. The best prevention to keep a person who struggles with alcohol off the roads is to check them into rehab as soon as possible.  

In summation instead of hiring an iconic actress to cast aspersions on the viewing public a better approach might be to simply have an open and honest dialogue during the coveted Super Bowl airtime.  People will no doubt be watching and I’m sure they would appreciate a sincere and candid approach that takes their feelings into consideration.  

If you, or someone you love drinks excessively and happens to drive impaired then help is not far away.  Addiciton Hopeline works with alcohol treatment centers across the country in order to get people back on their feet.  Our support team is on hand 24 hours a day ready willing and able to assist you or your loved ones get back on the road to redemption.  Call us today we would love to hear from you and help out in any way possible!  1-877-721-7719

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