Texas is an area that due to its central geographical proximity serves as a major global epicenter for much of the illegal drugs that make their way into the United States from nearby Mexico and South America.  Marijuana, Cocaine and Methamphetamine are in rich supply coming mostly from the new hybrid crime syndicate consisting of Dominican, Mexican and Colombian drug lords.  The following is a breakdown of the most commonly found drugs in the Lonestar State.  



Cocaine comes from the transhipment areas of North Texas and then is diverted to channels serving the four major regions located in the U.S.  East coast cocaine dealers typically source their cocaine directly from this shipping point that serves the purest cocaine for the most competitive prices on the market.  East coast dealers in particular pay much higher prices from cocaine sourced from the eastern regions as opposed to the cocaine coming from Texas.  The cocaine is distributed in large tractor trailers equipped to handle the sizable amounts that are then broken down to street level dealers operating out of their appointed regions.  



The predominant type of heroin found in Texas is the Mexican Black Tar (MBT) variety.  According the intelligence gathered from the Dallas Field Division greater Dallas area serves a global shipping post for heroin that is then sourced to the rest of the regions of the country mainly in the southeastern, eastern and midwestern areas of the United States.  The quality of the heroin coming out of Texas has consistently been on the decline.  With average purity levels recorded at 67% and then dramatically shifting to 15% at one point in 2007.  The same theme is evident today as well with lower purity levels in order for drug rings to make more money.  The trend has also been to mix the low-grade heroin with other prescription pharmaceuticals opioids like Fentanyl and OxyContin.



Crystal Meth has always been a prominent fixture on the drug scene in the great state of Texas.  Much of the law enforcement activity in North Texas centers around the prosecution of illegal meth labs operated by both domestic organizations and agents of Mexican, Colombian and Dominican drug cartels.  The other source of meth in Texas is from California and Arizona.  New laws went into effect back in 2005 restricting the purchase of products with pseudoephedrine and the result was a 73% reduction in meth oriented crime activity.  


Pharmaceutical Drugs

The same modes of access to prescription medication in Texas applies as it does across the country.  Namely, illegal doctor shopping, fraudulent prescription writing and purchases over the internet from companies overseas.  The most prevalent pharmaceuticals abused in Texas include but are not limited to Hydrocodone, Benzodiazepines and alprazolam or Xanax.  In the Tyler area OxyContin has become the new drug of choice whereas it used to be Hydrocodone.  In the Houston area rappers have long since popularized the ritual of sipping on syrup – aka mixing Sprite soda with Promethazine and codeine cough syrup.  The drink is a potent and deadly concoction that has claimed the lives of many Houston rappers since its inception in the early 90s.  OxyContin use is at an all time high due to the pain mill clinics filling prescriptions illegally.  San Antonio faces its own epidemic with the same drugs as mentioned previously as well as Morphine, Dilaudid, Lortab, Xanax, Tussionex, Diazepam, Vicodin and even Ketamine.  Illegal or improper filling of prescriptions continues to be the major source of these drugs throughout the greater state of Texas.  Until more reform is introduced to effectively prosecute these individuals responsible the state will continue to be saturated.  


The need for a substantial detox and treatment resources in Texas cannot be emphasized enough.  The state is a breeding ground for illicit drug activity and there remains a need to address the gaping holes in the system and mitigate some of the damage.  


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