New York

New York has long been an international epicenter mecca in the world drug trade. Home to numerous organized crime syndicates, New York is largely responsible for much of the drugs that are smuggled into nearby neighboring southeastern territories within the United States as well as exporting operations into Canada and Europe. The power that is exercised by this relatively small geographic source of operations is unimaginable. The following drugs can trace their provenance back into this international hub of worldwide illegal black market commerce.


  • Heroin
    Heroin is in abundant supply by Dominican Republic and Colombian representatives of major drug cartels based within in New York. South America produces some of the most potent and pure concentrations of heroin in the world and they have the distribution channels and mechanisms set up in New York to supply the entire East Coast region. Having perfected these methods in techniques earlier in their cocaine enterprises during the 80s and 90s they have now focused more on Heroin production due to increased demand.


  • Cocaine
    As is the case with heroin manufacturing cocaine shares a similar story. Much of cocaine’s production comes out of Colombian and Mexican drug cartels well steeped in its trade. Via their drug trafficking arms they flood the major metropolitan areas of New York that end up circulating around various local suburban markets like Albany and upstate New York. The cocaine is transported in massive multi-kilogram containerized cargo stored in commercial warehouses and then funneled through mail services, drug couriers and tractor trailers. Florida and Puerto Rico are other predominant sources of cocaine that find their way into the state illegally.


  • Prescription Drugs
    Statistics indicate that Oxycontin and Hydrocodone are the most widely abused pharmaceuticals in the state of New York. They are typically obtained illicitly through doctor shopping and fraudulent prescription writing. Not far behind opiate and opioid painkillers were benzodiazepines like Xanax and Valium as well as Fentanyl – a new derivative of heroin quickly claiming many lives to overdose.


  • Marijuana
    Marijuana is smuggled into New York primarily via Jamaican and Mexican drug trafficking organizations usually via shipments in U.S. mail services or via auto transports and other commercial cargo fleets. More marijuana is also being produced domestically from high-yielding hydroponic indoor sophisticated grow operations. This type of marijuana is extremely more potent and is being manufactured on a large scale basis of epic proportions.


No matter how you slice it the drug problem facing New York is a substantial threat that continues to grow by the day. The drugs are inundating the state from all angles and a constant barrage that ceases to go unabated anytime soon. This is why New York needs to address the problem with more rehab and detox facilities to at least neutralize the situation. As always education and prevention are key and children need to be made aware of the dangers of these substances firsthand at home and in school.


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