New Jersey

  • New Jersey Drug Scene

Nestled between two major cities, New Jersey’s topography, economic instability and interstate commerce and flight activity converge to create the perfect storm contributing to the statewide drug problem.  The international airport and shipping centric economy have a major impact on the amount of illegal drugs that find their way into the garden state.  New Jersey is flanked on both sides in the north with Newark and the south with Camden being major epicenters of New Jersey’s drug trade, with neighboring cities also suffering on all sides.  New Jersey also has to contend with certain unsavory elements in nearby states like Philadelphia and New York.  Residual crime activity from these geographical areas trickles into New Jersey contributing heavily to the drug epidemic – not to mention the organized crime factions operating in the area.  

The dividing line between the upper and lower class neighborhoods is another factor in that it takes little maneuvering before you may find yourself outside of the safer areas and into the ghettos.  Having to contend with so many unique substance abuse threats makes New Jersey, in particular, a state in the throes of a real struggle against drugs.  If the domestic concerns weren’t enough, New Jersey also has to deal with the international drug traffickers of Dominican Republic, Mexico and Colombia looking to push further into the territory of New Jersey and gain a foothold on the drug trade.  The nightlife along the Jersey shore doesn’t lend itself to a solution either with young people flocking there to score party drugs like ecstacy, cocaine, marijuana, designer drugs, research chemicals and of course the most problematic by far opiates and opioids.  The influx of drugs into New Jersey has reached crisis levels and requires a heartfelt and earnest discussion.  

  • New Jersey Drug Rehab

Unfortunately the rise in drugs has yet to see a commensurate rise in rehab facilities in the state of New Jersey.  In this day in age with the advent of the internet and the ability to access anything with the click of a button the drug trade has truly gone digital.  The ability for a young child to score drugs is virtually the same as a hardened season criminal.  The playing field has been leveled and there needs to be more resources in the way of rehab facilities and treatment centers to combat the issue.  Despite this void in the market for recovery centers there still happens to be many rehabilitation treatment programs offered in New Jersey that are doing their part in the battle to restore order.  We work with the best treatment centers in New Jersey and can help find the right options for you or your loved ones.  

  • New Jersey Alcohol Rehab

With all the attention and concern with the drug epidemic in New Jersey the long-time issue of alcoholism has to some extent been forgotten by the mainstream.  Before the drug problem escalated to the degree it did the Garden State was always on the frontlines when it came to battling the scourge of alcohol.  The Jersey Shore, with its copious amount of casinos, nightclubs and bars is no stranger to all that comes with that and heavy drinking is at the top of that.  The state has numerous resources devoted to addressing concerns related to heavy alcohol abuse.  Many  alternative programs focus on behavior modification and other novel ways in overcoming alcoholism.  We can get you in touch with someone who can find the program best suited for your needs.  

  • New Jersey Detox Programs

If you happen to be looking for qualified and reputable detox programs located within the state of New Jersey then you’re in luck.  The state is home to some of the best hospitals in the nation with a special expertise when it comes to assisting in detox.  This is the most critical aspect and phase when dealing with addiction, especially when it comes to someone coming off of opiates like heroin and prescription opioids such as oxycontin and oxycodone.  Even patients on anti-anxiety medication like benzodiazepines and xanax and valium may require help and treatment from qualified detox professionals.   If the detox process is not handled with extreme delicacy and sensitivity the patient is then at an extremely vulnerable state and may not even survive unless handled with the utmost care.  

  • New Jersey Drug Trade

The diversity and range of the drugs offered in New Jersey are as numerous as the population that reside in the area.  The state runs the gamut when it comes to drugs of every kind.  Marijuana has always been the gateway drug for young people but now the new generation has gravitated straight to harder drugs like cocaine, MDMA, LSD and crack.  Steroids has always been prevalent among the Jersey Shore bodybuilder types but the biggest problem by far has been the emergence of heroin as well as prescription related overdose deaths.  New Jersey is truly facing an onslaught on all sides and from every different angle imaginable.  

If all this wasn’t nearly enough there are even newer threats that continue to emerge out of the woodwork everyday.  Research chemicals like bath salts and W-18 are killing people left and right and are killing young children in particular.  Then there is the arrival of deadly analogue known as fentanyl which is 20 times stronger than heroin.  The fentanyl is being cut with heroin and other prescription painkillers and sold on the streets killing people at alarming rates.  With first responders and EMT now trained and ready to administer the anticonvulsant Naloxone (Narcan) in the event of an overdose hopefully some of these drug overdoses can be prevented.



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