Massachusetts is situated in an ideal location on the coast making it a prime target for drug activity.  The two drugs responsible for a considerable amount of abuse in the state are heroin and cocaine.  This is largely due to the overwhelming presence of Colombian and Dominican Republic drug cartels operating from within the state.  The drug OxyContin has seen a marked increase in abuse, and is seen as a gateway drug to the harder stuff.  


Heroin is being flooded in large quantities by the kilogram throughout Massachusetts.  New York once dominated this particular drug commodity but now with the interstate channels being opened via highway through commercial and civilian vehicles alike the drug has risen to new heights.  In addition to these channels the drug continues to be sourced directly from the countries where it’s the main export.  Namely, the Colombian and Dominican suppliers are the major source country outside the United States.  The heroin market overall has seen volatile indicators in price and purity, with both wildly fluctuating and causing a remarkable number of overdose deaths.  The southwestern United States is also a big player in the supply of heroin to the state.


Another substance also widely available by the kilogram and showing no signs of slowing down is cocaine.  Originally a trade that was controlled by the crime families operating out of New York, cocaine has enjoyed a renaissance in Massachusetts and is being sourced primarily out of Mexico.  Much of it is also coming from right here in the states with Florida and Georgia being recognized as hotbeds of cocaine activity.  Cocaine remains a huge problem and doesn’t seem to be leaving its residence in the state anytime soon.


Although not as widely abused like cocaine and heroin, crystal meth remains a growing problem not to be ignored.  Much of its origins stem from express mail packages coming out of California and the southeastern region of the United States.  The drug is mainly used by homosexual men ranging in age from 18-40 demographic.

Prescription Drugs

Derivatives of Oxycodone have been the favorite of the residents of Massachusetts for quite some time.  OxyContin has become the prescription drug of choice by Massachusetts residents.  Florida, Nevada and Arizona have been supplying the state via express mail shipments, which in turn have been redirected to Boston.  Doctor shopping rings and fraudulent prescription forgery are also rampant and widely utilized by dealers and addicts alike.   Roxicet and Percocet are also pharmaceuticals that are readily accessible in the area.  The need for drug detox and rehab facilities within the state has never been greater.


Marijuana is abundant both domestically and from drug rings from nearly every major crime organization currently operating.  Hydroponic grow operations are springing up nearly every day and there is absolutely no shortage of the drug.  The Netherlands has been actively sending shipments of hashish, a more potent and concentrated version of marijuana.  Canada is also very active in the marijuana market within the state.   The following cartels are very active in the marijuana market in Massachusetts.

  • Jamaican
  • Mexican
  • Colombian
  • Dominican

Massachusetts is fast becoming a major epicenter of the drug trade within the United States.  Now more than ever the state needs adequate resources devoted to stopping this trend in the form of more rehab treatment centers and drug detox facilities.  


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