A new breed of drug dealer has surfaced and they openly promote via the web.

A new trend in the world of drug dealing is playing itself out on popular social media websites like Instagram and Twitter and it shows no signs of abating.

Despite a crackdown by law enforcement on these cyber dealers new ones continue to proliferate at a dizzying pace to replace the void left in the marketplace.  Finding drug peddlers on Instagram is as easy as typing a hashtag along with your particular product of interest, e.g. #actavis, #lean, #weed etc.. the list goes on ad infinitum.

According to, 82% of these dealers are selling marijuana making it the most prevalent substance available for purchase on the net.  Promethazine with codeine concoctions – known on the streets as lean, drank, Texas Tea, oil, mud and sizzurp along with MDMA, or molly, comprise the brunt of the remaining online figures.  Dealers are so audacious and brazen in their promotional efforts they list phone numbers as well as photos of themselves with their product.  Along with the dope are pictures of all the material trappings that come with selling drugs via the internet.  Fancy cars, designer handbags and jewelry are just some of the luxury goods flaunted in pics posted on their Instagram accounts.   

The dealers negotiate their deals with the Kik messenger app and prefer transactions use prepaid debit cards like Vanilla, Greendot or even Paypal and Western Union services.  

A good majority of the Instagram accounts claiming to have drugs for sale are merely a front and are there only to scam the unsuspecting consumer.  In the comments section of their posts you will often find people claiming the account to be fraudulent and a scam.

Despite many spurious accounts there are just as many legit ones that will send you your drugs by your preferred postal carrier. The FBI has raided reputed drug dealers, in one particular sting netting upwards of 400 arrests after the criminals geotagged their stash house in an instagram post.  These dealers appear to be their own worst enemy in their asinine attempts at gaining customers through bold and reckless marketing ploys.

However, the people who seem to be getting the most negative exposure in all of this are the online consumers.  It’s not like they have buyer protection in these cases.  In many instances it is the buyer who ends up on the receiving end of the long arm of the law.  Somebody has to go down and if it isn’t the dealer themselves the consumers of the drugs are typically the scapegoat.  They have no buffer between themselves and the transaction and are usually a sitting duck for authorities waiting to swoop down and make arrests.  

Authorities typically intercept a suspected drug package and then let it through till the person on the receiving end signs for it, then making their arrest.  Since these transactions are taking place using the US postal system as a conduit that automatically makes them a federal offense.  

The bottom line is if you’re scoring your dope off social media be mindful of the consequences.  The odds are definitely not in your favor and that extra insurance you buy for the package won’t cover your legal expenses when it’s found to contain drugs inside.   If you or someone you know need help for an addiction to drugs and alcohol give Addiction Hopeline a call. 1-877-721-7719



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