Skeletons in Sia's Closet

Sia Opens Up About Drug Addiction

Pop artist and songwriter Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, 38, or better known by her stage name Sia recently did an interview with Nightline ABC’s Chris Connoly where she details her battle and subsequent recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  You’ve most likely heard her mega hits being sung by the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry and Rihanna but you would never know that she was the brainchild behind them.  

Sia prefers to do her best work away from the limelight and obscures her face in concert performances and interviews with the media.  Despite this she has been steadily wooing fans in droves.  They don’t care about her reservations at showing her face they just really seem to respond to the overall authenticity fueling her work.  With hits like Chandelier, Big Girls Cry and Elastic Heart Sia is now a permanent fixture in the commercial pop music market.

Even despite her reluctance to face the camera she has managed to turn her talent and love of performing into a wildly successful career in the entertainment business.  Unbeknownst to the majority of fans, however, is Sia’s unrelenting battle with drug and alcohol addiction as a means to cope with the pressure of being an artist with social anxiety disorder.    

Sia said the pain of an artist’s inability to find a medium that can adequately express themselves can take an immense toll emotionally, spiritually and physically.  This is why drugs and alcohol appeal so much because of their ability to take on that hurt and stifled creativity.  Sia has seen the ugly side of the business by working closely alongside some of the hottest pop stars in the world and has seen firsthand the terrible wake and destruction that the glitz and glamour of Hollywood lifestyle often entail.  In spite of this Sia continues to write hits for these mega pop stars, while eschewing the pitfalls of fame and fortune and seeking refuge behind veil of anonymity.  

During her worst stages of depression Sia said she was drinking alcohol in excess and also addicted to both xanax and oxycontin at one point or another.  On the brink of suicide and a virtual prisoner in her own home she eventually made the courageous step to check into a 12 step program in 2010 and has been on a roll since rarely looking back.  

Sia credits her ability to find her voice and artistic expression as a vehicle for sobriety and staying clean on the straight and narrow path.  The creative process is extremely therapeutic and it gives an outlet for all her repressed emotions and pent up anger and frustration.  She even mentions how relatively easy it can be to craft a clever hook for a pop artist giving us a rare glimpse into the creative process behind a pop superstar.  

I commend Sia on her willingness to push through the fear of public condemnation and stay true to her artistic ideals and integrity.  Equally impressive was her harrowing battle with drugs and alcohol, which she so bravely conquered, at least for the time being.  We wish her continued success and prosperity both in her career and in the fight against substance abuse.  If someone you know needs help call 1-877-721-7719.  


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