420 Day

National Stoner Day: 420 in Full Effect

Today marks the national holiday now globally recognized and celebrated since High Times and era of Grateful Dead introduced it to the mainstream lexicon more than 4 decades ago now.  National 420 is synonymous with weed smoking the world over and it is a phrase that has become a buzzworthy term now associated with being stoner friendly among pot-smoking communities.  What started as something with very modest and humble beginnings has now taken the world by storm and created a movement.  

The Hazy Origins

Depending on whom you were to ask you might receive a slightly different answer but the responses run the gamut.  Everything from the code police dispatchers use to refer to a marijuana related incident to a group of anonymous stoners from the early 70’s that go by the name of Waldo who used the term as a sort of secret catchphrase for fellow Waldo’s in the know.  The conspiracies and theories abound concerning the genesis of this social phenomenon.  The Waldos used to gather together after 4:20 after High School on a an eternal quest for a forgotten and almost mythical patch of untended to marijuana fields to no avail.  One thing is for certain and that is the marijuana magazine High Times bought the domain 420.com in the early 90’s and had used the term repeatedly in marketing campaigns and promotions harkening back all the way to the early 70’s when the Waldo’s claimed they were the ones to usher in the term.  The Waldo’s apparently ran with the same San Rafael, California crowd as the Grateful Dead and somehow must have transmitted the message to them as well because they began to use the terminology frequently in their artistic works and music.  

The Economics of 420 

The term and holiday itself are really generating a lot of economic buzz.  Denver real estate markets have noticed the term “420” being used to market certain properties that have a pro-marijuana aspect about them that attracts potential customers and consumers.  Tripping.com is a website that monitors the usage of different marijuana related keywords and how the travel and tourism markets respond to their usage in listings.  The data has pointed towards a significant uptick in the mentioning of 420 and marijuana related keywords and terms since the legalization of marijuana.  The economics of the marijuana boom are fascinating and indicate a marked cavalier stance on the part of the public by in large.  

Get Help for Marijuana Addiction

Regardless of its origins the national weed holiday has sparked numerous events and parades in Denver and California to much fanfare.  Rappers like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa perform for a mob of roving reefer smoking pack of adolescents searching for something to take their minds off the harsh reality of the world today.  The problem is after the smoke clears and the high is gone, what really has changed?  If you need help from a marijuana addiction give Addiction Hopeline a call today.  Marijuana is a powerful drug despite the public’s perceived lax attitude surrounding its legalization.  


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