Marlins Pitcher Toxicology Report

Jose Fernandez Toxicology Report: Cocaine and Alcohol Present

Sunken Yacht

Toxicology reports have come to light indicating Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had trace amounts of cocaine and alcohol present in his system at the time of death back in September from a boating accident.  Although investigators are still unsure as to what exactly the cause of the accident there is no denying the devastating impact.  

Blood Alcohol Twice the Limit

According to the medical reports Fernandez had a blood alcohol level of 0.147 which is double the legal allowable limit.  The boating accident also claimed the lives of Emilio Jesus Macias, 27 and Eduardo Rivero, 25 who may have also been partaking in the drugs and alcohol to some degree as well.  The cause of death was ascertained to be blunt-force trauma which is typical of most boating accident fatalities.  It is still unclear as to whether Fernandez was the individual responsible for the accident or, if, perhaps foul play may be to blame.  

Foul Play?

A homicide investigation is currently underway as authorities try to get to the bottom of this deeply disturbing and unfortunate episode.  The attorney and close confidant for the Fernandez family Ralph Fernandez said that cocaine use would have been highly abnormal and atypical from the former MLB rookie of the year and two-time all star pitcher.  “If you tell me that he’d been drinking, I’d say, ‘So.’?  He wasn’t driving – and he was very careful about that,” Ralph Fernandez went on record as stating.  

Jose Fernandez rise into stardom as a major league baseball pitcher was something out of the classic american rags to riches tale.  Born and raised in Cuba where he played baseball as a youth, Fernandez endured numerous unsuccessful attempts at defecting Cuba before he finally escaped in 2008.  Fernandez was brimming with promise and potential as he was poised to put up some of his best stats before tragically being cut down well before his prime.  On top of all the success he was enjoying in his professional career he had just learned a week prior to his death that he was to become a father with his long-time girlfriend.  

Gone too Soon

The tragic demise of this up-and-coming young baseball prodigy is filled with so many unsolved questions.  Why would someone who seemingly has it all risk everything by putting themselves in that kind of a situation?  Good things seldom happen when you mix cocaine, alcohol and heavy machinery together.  This horrific story highlights the swift and indiscriminate hand of fate when tempted by drugs and booze.  The short-lived fun of the moment is in no way whatsoever worth the lifelong toll of pain and hardship the members of Fernandez’s family will have to undergo for their remaining days.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.  There is help available if you are willing to seek it.  Life is so much easier when we give up the things in life that aren’t conducive to true health and happiness.  Going out on a boat in itself is perfectly enjoyable without the chemical assistance of cocaine and alcohol.  As a society we need to learn how to dissolve this mental association we have between a good time and drugs.  If we can learn these destructive habits we can certainly unlearn them over time.  Help is just a phone call away.

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