Emotional Scene Goes Viral

Heartbreaking Impact of Drug Toll Captured on Camera

Boy Crying

The video of a young man telling his son his mother died of an overdose has been making the rounds over the internet and quickly gone viral, reaching 34 million viewers.  In the video Brenden Clark is seen telling his 8-year old son Cameron his mother had passed away due to a drug overdose the night before.

Emotional Scene

Accompanied by the boy’s grandmother, while sitting outside a picnic table in their native Ohio his father told the boy that there was something he had to tell him.  Clark proceeded to inform his son of the terrible news –  “Mommy died last night.”  After the shock of the initial revelation the boy appeared to be confused and in a state of utter disbelief.  Cameron asked his father to repeat the shocking revelation as if it were somehow untrue.  “What do you mean? My mom? How?  His father went on to explain that drugs were the cause of his mother’s untimely passing.  The boy can then be seen breaking down and crying uncontrollably in his grandmother’s warm embrace.

Why Must it Take a Tragedy

It seems that it takes poignant and heart-wrenching moments like this these captured on video to galvanize the emotions of the public and incite real lasting change.  The opioid epidemic plaguing the nation has so much collateral damage that is rarely seen in such stark and visceral ways as displayed in this disturbing video posted to Clark’s Facebook page.  We rarely ever get a glimpse into the residual effects such drug abuse has on the lives of innocent children and family members of the bereaved.

Clark emphasized that the recording was in no way staged or rehearsed and that he received his child’s permission to post it online.  He hopes that the video will be a powerful testament and deterrent for people with children who abuse drugs.  The video is undoubtedly a compelling reminder of the fragility of human existence, and our reliance upon substances to help us cope with the rigors of everyday life.  Ohio in particular has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic – last year the state recorded a whopping 3,050 deaths from drug overdose.

Growing New Trend?

This video footage is part of an unsettling new trend of similar recordings documenting the impact of drugs on the family unit in very personal ways.  A few months back another video surfaced of an infant crying at a supermarket with her mother passed out from a drug overdose.  The infant can be seen crying on top of her mother trying to revive her.  That video also seemed to resonate and strike a chord with the hearts and minds of viewers around the world.  The sight of a helpless child being affected so closely by the opioid epidemic seems to hit an extremely emotional nerve and has a profound impact on people worldwide.  Maybe these types of images are what people need to be subjected to in order for us to reverse this alarming trend of death from drug overdose.

Don’t Let it Get to This Point

Don’t let you or a loved one’s drug abuse get to this point before intervening to take matters into your own hands.  Tragedy doesn’t have to be a prerequisite in order to get help.  Take a proactive step in your health by looking into your options for treatment and rehabilitation.  Recovery is a process and all it takes are those first initial steps and leaps of faith to eventually get clean and stay that way.  There is always hope when when all else seems lost.   

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