Fuller House Star Jodie Sweetin on Sobriety

Fuller House Star Jodie Sweeten Opens up on Sobriety

The former childhood star of the hit series Full House, Jodie Sweetin who played the lovable middle sister “Stephanie Tanner” has come clean regarding her former demons and addiction.  She is currently enjoying a mini revival starring alongside her former castmates in a new remake of the popular series airing on Netflix, entitled Fuller House.  Sweetin’s character was known for her lovable catch phrase of, “how rude” while starring in the show for a period of 8 successful years.  This March will commemorate her 5 year milestone of being completely drug free and sober and the release of Fuller House gives her even more reason to be grateful.

Jodie Sweetin: Comeback Kid

The actress first began her downward descent into drug addiction soon after the the Full House series was cancelled at the young and impressionable age of 14 years old.  She became embroiled in an addiction to meth, cocaine and a host of other illicit substances after her career went south with the dissolution of the hit series that catapulted her into fame.  In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Sweetin says, “My life is amazing. I will have five years [of sobriety] in March. It’s given me a lot of gratitude.”

Her low point may have come when she agreed to speak at Marquette University on the perils of addiction and her subsequent recovery while still clearly under the influence of cocaine back in 2007.  It was during this tumultuous period of her life between 2006-2007 that Sweetin estimates allocating up to as much as $60,000 to sustain her ballooning drug habit.  Sweetin then began work chronicling her road to recovery in 2009 entitled, unSweetined: A Memoir, despite admittingly not being entirely sober throughout the book’s publication.  Her story is a testament to the enduring and indomitable power of the human spirit to rise above circumstances and forge ahead renewed and inspired.  

Addiction: A Thing of the Past

The impressive aspect to Jodie Sweetin’s recovery has been her willingness to share her story and come clean regarding her failed attempts in the past masquerading as success.  Her story should inspire other addicted individuals to realize that their situation is no more different and they are capable with the help of professionals to overcome and transcend their problems.  Even in the face of adversity as popstar Miley Cyrus released old photos of Sweetin on her Instagram account showing her indulging in the nightlife scene during her drug use period.  Despite this cruel and unusual maligning of character, Sweetin continues to break new ground while living clean and sober.  If you suspect that your loved one is struggling with addiction please reach out and give us a call!  Your intuition usually serves you right and we can give you the guidance necessary to move forward and get treatment. To talk with someone now, click here or call us at 1-877-721-7719.  Addiction is an unrelenting enemy and will not stop unless treated by the help of the professionals.  Don’t wait one more moment, the time is now!

Jodie Sweetin

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