Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis:

When a patient struggles not only with addiction but with mental illness as well, it can be hard to find an effective treatment center.

In fact, those who struggle with mental illness are much more likely to struggle with addiction than the average person.

A Dual Diagnosis facility helps you conquer your addiction by treating not only the addiction itself, but the mental illness as well. We have seen vast amounts of progress in patients in our Dual Diagnosis facilities that had seen no growth in other standard facilities. It’s crucial that patients get their underlying issues treated directly as well as their addiction!

We want our patients to live a life full of success and sobriety, and we want you to know that when you check your patient into a dual diagnosis facility they will be in the best hands imaginable.

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Personalized Treatment Options:

Mental illness manifests itself in many different forms in different people. These problems can be extremely difficult for treatment centers to handle if they aren’t well equipped with professionally trained staff and therapists.

It’s imperative that each patient has a treatment plan and a relapse prevention plan that is tailor made to their needs, especially in a dual diagnosis treatment center. With different mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and many others, there are numerous issues that could drive a patient to return to substance abuse. Tailor made treatment plans help identify these triggers and help the patient learn tools and coping mechanisms so they can function effectively and without drugs in everyday life.

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