Drug Use Escalates on Christmas

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Skyrocket on Christmas

It is no secret there is an alarming spike in drug and alcohol usage during the period leading up to Christmas and the New Year.  The reasons behind this are complex and numerous but primarily due to an increase in stress and the emotionally charged environment serving as the backdrop to the holidays.  These two factors set up the perfect storm leaving the rehabilitated subject especially susceptible to the prospect of relapse.  It doesn’t have to necessarily be this way and with a little bit of effort and discipline you can prevent yourself from falling back into the vicious spiral of drug and alcohol substance abuse.  The following is a list of methods to add to your arsenal to keep you clean and sober and able to cope with the pressures of Christmas and the holiday season.



Practicing a spiritual form of mindfulness and meditation is known to have wonderful benefits to the reformed drug addict.  The person is taught to pay attention to their thoughts and feelings without judgement and from a place of gratitude.  Over time doing this consistently provides remarkable changes in the recovering addict’s brain chemistry.  A few practical ways of achieving this are through exercises like yoga and tai chi or simply any activity involving controlled movement.  Gardening is an example of a fantastic hobby known to reduce stress considerably and is a regular activity among populations inhabiting large amounts of healthy centenarians.

Faith and Religion

A significant portion of the recovery community reported that their belief in a higher power or some notion of God and Source of All gave them the strength and power to face their substance abuse issues.  It doesn’t matter what the particular belief system is as long as it allows you to tap into your inner reserves of perseverance and courage.  Whether the subject is Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist they all can benefit from a more devout and pious form of worship in their daily regimen.

Charity & Volunteer Work  

The list of reasons to help participate in your community and promote a righteous cause are immense.  Being involved socially within your local community and providing service is essential in giving a former user a feeling of value and worth which is vital to their treatment and recovery longterm.  People report greater feelings of joy and wellbeing by simply helping others and the statistics and data back this up overwhelmingly.  It is not uncommon for the person lending their humanitarian aid to reap even more benefits than the recipient of the goodwill.  If you’re not already involved in some philanthropic or nonprofit type of endeavor it is never too late to get going!


Christmas and the Holidays don’t have to be fraught with obstacles and the potential of relapse on drugs and alcohol.  There are countless ways to combat the problems of substance abuse the possibilities are literally endless.  There are always solutions and we are relentless at discovering new and novel ways of curtailing substance abuse.  Addiction Hopeline is here to do whatever it takes to get anyone the help and treatment they deserve.  Our support team of specialists are here 24/7 365 days a year to assist you in any questions you may have about your rehab options.  We are fully committed to keep you going down the path of recovery for the long-haul and we will never leave your side!  Call us at 1-877-721-7719


new year drug addicts

new year drug addicts



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