Kratom Outlawed by DEA

DEA Outlaws Kratom


Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa a native plant from southeast Asia whose leaves are sometimes used medicinally to treat pain is now a banned Schedule 1 drug joining the likes of heroin, lsd, and cocaine.  The new ruling will take place effectively October 1st, 2016 and has many people in an uproar.  

The recovery community in particular is up in arms over the decision.  Many former addicts have credited kratom with helping them wean off of opiates and opioids saving their lives in the process and allowing them a chance at sobriety.

Kratom: Medicine or Poison?

Kratom is often dispensed in Kava bars and enjoyed together offering users a slightly altered euphoria.  When taken in low doses by itself kratom is said to have a slightly stimulant effect.  In higher doses it is reported to be more sedative.  When taken in conjunction with Kava it can have a very powerful and intoxicating high.

Petitions have been making their rounds over the internet with substantial support from kratom users alleging that the plant is perfectly safe.  More than a 100,000 people have signed the referendum urging the White House to retract the schedule 1 ruling by the DEA.

The Death of Ian Mautner

Others are not so convinced of kratom’s therapeutic value as evidenced by the case of 20-year old Ian Mautner of Boynton Beach, who tragically took his life after jumping off an interstate overpass plunging to his death.  His mother Linda Mautner has been very outspoken vilifying kratom as the cause for her son’s deteriorating mental health and depression prior to his suicide.  

Critics of Linda Mautner have proposed that it wasn’t the kratom that was the culprit in his failing mental health but the antidepressant medication he was taking and which showed up on toxicology reports.

What is the Solution?

Although kratom may possibly offer some medicinal value as supported by the droves of former addicts who claim it helped keep their withdrawals at bay the evidence is dicey at best.  Does it deserve to be relegated to schedule 1 status?  Maybe not either.  The fact remains, no doubt, that our country has a long and turbulent relationship with drugs.  To further complicate matters is the influence wielded by big pharmaceutical companies and their own line of legal drugs.

We at Addiction Hopeline believe that any substance that clouds your sobriety and detracts you from your goals is not necessary.  They are plenty of ways to have fun in life without the assistance of drugs and alcohol.  By working with professionals who fight to identify the underlying root causes of addiction we truly get to the bottom of what troubles and impels one to take up a life of chemical dependence.  You don’t have to continue being a slave to your vices as they are viable alternatives to substance abuse that allow you to operate at your highest possible capacity.  You will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself than you would of ever dreamed.  Unlock the potential inside of you by giving one of our specialists a call.  It just might save and change your life for the better.   

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