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3 Ways to Find Inspiration While Battling Addiction


One of the most daunting aspects of addiction and chemical dependence is its ability to rob us from the regular joy we experience in life.  Things that used to give us pleasure now seem dull and ordinary by comparison to getting high.  This kind of negative thinking can sink us deeper into the throes of depression and mental illness.  This is when we must search deep within ourselves and find inspiration.  Inspiration can uproot us from even the worst trials and tribulations of life.  Next time you feel doubtful of your place in this world summon up some inspirational magic and muster up the courage to face your fears headlong.  

There is always a way out of the darkness we just need to continually remind ourselves of the power that we have inside.  The same demons that cause us to wallow in the disease of substance abuse can be channeled for a greater purpose.  Some of our worst experiences can be some of our greatest blessings.  It is important that we learn how to reframe any misfortune or calamity as an opportunity to grow and evolve.  The following are four ways you can invoke the motivational and transformative power of inspiration to beat addiction.  

Synchronize your Internal Clock

This may sound a little weird upon first glance, but learning how to reset your internal clock so as to be more in tune with the natural rhythm of the universe is so clutch.  By going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier you set yourself up for success in a major way.  Simply witnessing the majestic beauty of the morning sunrise is so awe-inspiring you will carry that amazement with you into the rest of your day.  You will notice you begin to function in every facet of your life when sticking with this routine and making it a habit.  Not to mention you will sleep better and become way more productive.  Seems like a win win doesn’t it?  Try to go to sleep by 10:00PM and awake at sunrise and you will begin to reap the benefits instantly.  

Only Allow Positive Vibes into Your Space

By only allowing positive messages into our mind we begin to subconsciously reprogram our mind with that same energy.  Many of us aren’t aware of the profound implications of watching television or movies with violent imagery.  Although we may claim that we are desensitized to it, or even able to detach from it, the fact remains that this has a very powerful effect over the human mind.  Instead of watching television aim to read a book that has a positive message.  The same concept applies to the music we listen to as well.  If you’re a fan of hardcore gangster rap, perhaps try a lighter route with some classical music – which studies have linked to increased intelligence.  

Let Go of Useless Emotions

Painful emotions like guilt, shame and embarrassment can hold you back without you being consciously aware.  Our emotional state can be very taxing on our central nervous system and rob us of our willpower and motivation.  These emotions if left to pent up and fester can be a primary cause of stress.  Stress removes our ability think with clarity and make decisions that are well thought out and logical.  Let go of all emotions that do not serve you and you will feel a weight of the world lift off your shoulders.  You then will have the drive and ambition to tackle the things in life that are of real importance to you.  

Make it a goal of yours everyday to tap into the endless reservoir of inspiration flowing inside your veins.  When we are able to consistently get into this ideal mental state we can begin to effortlessly manifest the reality we want in our lives.  When we are living in true accordance with our thoughts and feelings we are in touch with the real power behind the universe that shapes and animates all things.  Once we are able to master this feat we will have unlimited potential in all our undertakings.  

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