3 Safe Alternatives to Drugs in Recovery

3 Safe Alternatives to Drugs When in Recovery

Drug addiction and substance abuse are no joke and when you’re trying to search for alternative ways to combat the hankering pangs of chemical dependency it can truly be a uphill battle.  When you’re deep in the throes of addiction it can be a challenge to think of nothing other than using, however it doesn’t have to be that way.  A critical component to recovery is finding alternative means to coping without the use of drugs and alcohol.  This may seem like a daunting task, but this in one of the secrets to quitting and staying off drugs for the long haul.  The following are five tried and true ways you can keep your mind and body off the constant merry go round of chemical dependency whilst having fun and staying in the flow!



Yoga was a godsend for me personally as there is literally no other hobby quite like it on Earth.  Part of what makes yoga so effective is its ability to seamlessly tie together the higher spiritual aspects of ourselves into a relatively simple physical practice.  Yoga teaches you to silence your mind and follow your breath and movement of the body in a slow mindful fashion.  This promotes relaxation and inner peace which are absolutely necessary if you’re going to have any chance in beating addiction.  Yoga facilitates a communion between the mind and body which gets you more in tune with your soul and able to heighten your intuition.  



Meditation should be a daily practice for everyone and its something that is woefully underemphasized in western culture.  Buddhist and Shaolin Monks are taught from an early age the merits of a daily meditation practice and for good reason.  Meditation quiets the brain waves from their normal waking Alpha state of high alert and logic to the coveted Theta state that is known to bring about hallucinations, visions and serenity.  Meditation is a way to go inwards and commune with the divine for guidance and direction.  Many addicts will tell you that meditation is a vital component to their recovery and if it wasn’t for meditation there would be no real chance at getting and staying clean and sober.  



If yoga and meditation aren’t your thing there is always good old fashioned exercise for whatever best appeals to your personal constitution.  The great news is there is no wrong or right answer in this category.  If you enjoy basketball well there you go, go find a friendly pickup game with the neighborhood kids.  If you’re a runner, lace up those shoes and go hit the track.  Anything that gets your heart rate up and breaks a sweat is perfect.  Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good and takes your mind off the focus of drugs and alcohol.  When we make good choices and decisions like exercising it tends to promote even better decisions when it comes to our daily lifestyle.  A person might find that once they begin a consistent exercise regimen the need to destroy ourselves with drugs and alcohol eventually wanes.  


These three things coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle will go a long way to promoting inner peace and contentment.  It is of paramount importance to have these mechanisms in place when going on your journey towards recovery and treatment.  If you incorporate this into your life over the long term it is highly unlikely that you will experience any relapses back into substance abuse.  These three little tricks are like the aces up your sleeve when it comes to living life clean and sober.   


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